Living Room Decorating Ideas

Living room is the most important part of a house. It needs a kind of decoration which is unique and appealing in every sense of the word. It’s a place where you gather with your family and friends, watch movies and enjoy with everyone. It is that room of the house where you greet your guests and hence, all these aspects should be taken into consideration before designing/ redesigning it. It is the face of your beautiful home. It showcases your personality and your taste. Living room is the most important part of a house. There are Interior Design Ideas for Living Room and how to decorate your living room:

1.    Color

wall color_living room decorating ideas


It is always better to have a colourful living space than having it decorated with neutral boring shades. Neutral shades are good for more private spaces like bedrooms. Living room should look more lively and chic. When the living room is colourful, it also makes the whole space energetic and you become more active. Kids love colors too. If your living room is painted in white or any one neutral shade, you can decorate it with colourful accessories, decor items and furniture. Choose your furniture wisely. They will always be the most important part and the focus of the living room than anything else.

2.    Ceramics:

ceramics_Living room decorating ideas

Ceramics are very trendy these days. Interior designers are of the opinion that no other thing can replace ceramic accessories when it comes to home decorating. Yeah, complementing it with some good greenery can serve as an added advantage. As shown in the image, the ceramic along with the indoor fence is already serving as a beautiful and peaceful corner of the living room. The rest of the look is completed by the beautiful chair. It is chic, pleasant and naturally beautiful and is perfect for smaller living rooms.

3.    Curtains

curtain_living room decorating ideas


Make sure the curtain you select for your living room is as beautiful as other accessories. Not because it has aesthetic values (of course it has), but also because they can make or break the entire look of a living room. Get the curtains with the perfect shade, tone and texture matching with the furniture and other accessories. Have them in contrast with the wall paint. It’s always better to keep up the curtain shopping in the last stage of your home decoration. Also, the kind of fabric you select must be good.


4.    Pillows and Cushions

furnishing_living room decorating ideas


Cushions and living rooms always go hand in hand. Living room is that space of the house where you gather around with your friends and family and have some fun time with them, relax and enjoy. Hence, cushions play a vital role in giving you the complete needed comfort. Who doesn’t love more and more cushions on sofas? The more the number of cushions, the more the comfort. They make you feel cosy and warm. Not just this, they also add to the style element of the space. It makes your living room more lively, stylish and stunning. Always go for the cushion cover in contrast with your sofa fabric Color. For example, if you have a grey sofa, you can have cushion covers in Black/ Yellow/ Red instead of Grey coloured cushion covers. (refer image above)

5.    Bookshelves

bookshelves_living room decorating ideas


Mostly all the houses these days have bookshelves. Book lover may have a complete wall dedicated for their bookshelf. If you decide to have a bookshelf in your living room, it is very important that you see to its design too. Only having the books stacked on the shelf is not enough. Bookshelf in your living room is almost like an important accessory and can take the focus point in the space. Also, you can keep your awards and trophies there.

6.    Wall Decor

wall decal_living room decorating ideas


Wall decor is very much important for your living room. While decorating, make sure you add at least some accessories on the wall. It can be your old photo frames, your paintings, or some handmade sketches. Just make sure you place it all in the right direction. Believe us, you will be proud to show this off to your friends and guests.

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